Andy's Iron Gods

My name is Chip

Hello World – I am Chip

My name is Chip and I’m a follower of The Whisper in the Bronze. She came into my life early on when I was just 10 years old. You see, my dad is a smith in Torch making mundane metal tools and my mother had the unfortunate task of raising me and my 2 other brothers. We were quite a handful. Like I said when I was 10, when my older brother, Chomp, was pinching me with a pair of tongs in a playful / teasing way. Unfortunately for him, he pinched me a bit too hard and somehow my anger animated a hammer and it moved over and bashed him upside the head. He got knocked out but otherwise was ok. That was the first hint that Brigh was watching over me.
p. Since that time, I have worked with the temple of Brigh in Torch finally becoming an acolyte with the completion of my holy symbol that I forged from a small piece of Numerian Steel that I had found discarded near the Torch Hill.



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